Victims May Succeed In A Personal Injury Claim From Commercial Truck Accident Results In Paralysis

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Accidents concerning commercial trucks all too often result in tragedies. In large part it is as a result of the sheer weight of commercial trucks that can measure as heavy as thousands of pounds tons. When going at a high speed the resulting impact from a collision can do extensive damage to anyone in the truck's way.

One kind of injury that all too often occurs is a spinal cord fracture that might cause paralysis. Attorneys representing victims in these kind of cases should be experienced in the medical and psychological issues of these kinds of injuries as well as the complex liability and insurance issues that regularly arise in these matters. To illustrate, check out the following two lawsuits:

In this reported truck accident the victim suffered cervical fractures causing quadriplegia. The accident occured by a driveway in a commercial area. That is where the victim's van was stopped with the victim sitting inside. The van's right turn signal was on. The victim was stopped waiting for a second vehicle to come out the driveway so he could complete a delivery at the site. The victim was working when the accident happened While he was waiting a tractor-trailer struck the other vehicle. The driver of the tractor-trailer was traveling at least 45 mph. Because of this the impact threw part of the exiting vehicle into vehicles coming in the opposite direction and catapulted the victim's van so that it struck a pole and rolled over. As a consequence of the injuries sustained in the accident, the victim requires assisted care twenty-four hours a day.

The full expense of the victim's treatment and care were predicted to be around $6 million. In addition, since his injuries left him with a irreversible impairment he in addition experienced a loss of earning capacity.

The law firm that litigated this matter on behalf of the victim and his wife filed a claim against not just the operator of the tractor trailer and his employer but also against the company that hired the driver's employer to move their product. As such the law firm documented that the lawsuit was resolved in the amount of $3.0 million of which only $1.0 million came from the driver's employer and the other $2.0 million, the more substantial percentage of the recovery, came from the company that retained the driver's employer to carry their product.

The next matter involved a mail delivery person was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer while she was in her stopped mail delivery vehicle after having reached the next delivery location on her path. The impact was so severe that she was paralyzed and lost the use of an eye. The law firm that helped the victim and her spouse included several defendants in the lawsuit. The defendants included not only in the driver of the tractor-trailer and its owner, and also the company which had contracted for its services. The law firm discovered that he driver of the tractor-trailer had an extensive criminal background.

The victim's medical expenses at the time of settlement amounted to approximately $500,000. The victim had already also incurred roughly fifty thousand dollars in lost wages and had a calculated loss of future wages that amounted to an excess of three hundred thousand dollars. The law firm divulged that a settlement was reached for the woman and her husband for $5.5 million.

These lawsuits underscore the importance of hiring an attorney with ample experience to be able to appreciate the worth of the lawsuit and also track down all those who might be liable and have the insurance or the assets adequate for a suitable recovery.

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Victims May Succeed In A Personal Injury Claim From Commercial Truck Accident Results In Paralysis

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Victims May Succeed In A Personal Injury Claim From Commercial Truck Accident Results In Paralysis

This article was published on 2010/12/18