Victim of Invasive Abuse - A True Conscious Creator Takes Full Responsibility For Self

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Even with a growing awakening consciousness, humanity is still emotionally or physically invasive and abusive in many aspects of their life. Between family members, there are feuds with devious emotionally blackmail and zealous behaviours. Within your co-workers there are still many manipulative habits and within society in general they play the games of seductive and often violent roles. Do you tread upon another's toes in order to get something? Do you allow others to tread on your toes, to allow them to control, enslave and disempower your energy in order for them to get something from you? On the other hand are you shielding, safeguarding or protecting something or someone or is someone protecting you? Are you wearing your protection armour in self-defence to put-off intruders? Do you put up a protection barrier to stop energies invading you? Who is the abuser? Who is the one being abused? Who is the protector? Are you a victim or a creator?

To address your issues, problems and challenges can be broken down into 7 main categories.

1. Feeding Game
2. Victim or a Creator
3. Lack of Responsibility
4. The Protector
5. Barriers of Protection
6. Be in Your Safe Space
7. True Creator

Let's take a look at each individual category:

1. Feeding Game - If you are the one dishing out abusive conditions or if you are the one accepting abusive conditions or if you are the one protecting another from abuse - are you aware that there is no need to put up protective barriers and no need for anyone to feed off you or others? The controller and the controlled are both victims - they both dwell on fear, but on a different level - they both are feeding off each others, the giving and the taking - they are both getting something out of that drama game.

2. Victim or a Creator - When you are having problems of any sort, even if you are the victim of abuse it may be difficult to look at yourself in the mirror and accept responsibility for all of your misfortunate experiences. Can you take ownership, to be your creator, to be the integrated balanced person for yourself? You are either a victim or a creator - are you aware that if there were no victims in the world, if every person owned their power, there would be no worries and problems in the world? No one would have anyone to feed off - they would only have to rely on themselves to grant themselves empowerment and freedom. Victims allow themselves to be disempowered, they allow others to feed off them because of a dependency unworthy perception of self.

3. Lack of Responsibility - An abusive feeder gets what they want through control - by placing their fears, agendas and limitations onto the one being controlled. It is a fear of not being in charge in order to get what they want. The victim of abuse is being controlled and suppressed, yet humanity only blames the abuser for their wrong doings. When you look behind the scenes of the motive of the energy, if the victim owned their power and felt worthy they would not attract nasty shark feeders to them. Like attracts like! They would go and find someone else to feed off until everybody began to own their power. Both aspects of the perpetrator and the victim lack responsibility for their experiences.

4. The Protector - Then, there is the protector for the victims, they are feeding off both - to have rightful power over the abusers to make them pay for their errors. Yet, they also like to control the victims who are seen to be as inferior humans that need saving, which makes their super-inflated ego feel grand, admirable and praiseworthy.

5. Barriers of Protection - As the human consciousness grows there is a tendency for you to protect yourself from invading energies. Again putting up a barrier of light around you to try to keep you safe is not only blocking out the unpleasant energy, but it is also blocking out loving energies to flow in. You attract more to you of what you fear and dwell upon. Then, you wonder why you end up being fearful, having abusive experiences whilst still lacking love in your life.

6. Be in Your Safe Space - You don't need to protect yourself from abusive energies when you can be in your safe space. That is, to feel safe within yourself so you can open up. When you are in your present safe space and breathing deeply, you can allow all energies to come and go. It's about discerning what you are feeling and through choice you can let go of anything that you don't want to play with. The challenge is when you feel unpleasant energies you tend to think it is yours, so you buy into that energy and you begin to live with that pain. To let go of victim experiences is to begin to look at yourself before you blame others for your adversities.

7. True Creator - When you are empowered, sovereign, free and independent you don't need to feed off anyone therefore nobody can feed off you. It is about being the absolute manager of your own life, and in doing so you can't just say that it's your destiny. You can't blame it on the fact that you have horrific karmic patterns, your inheritance factors or that you were born into an awful family or to blame it on the governments of the world - it is because you are allowing everything to affect you right now? A true creator takes absolute 'full' responsibility for their life - can you let go of blaming?

A true creator takes absolutely 'no' responsibility for anyone else's life, and that's also where you can become confused. Are you trying to control or protect another, to be their co-creator - you really can't? Co-creation only happens between two beings who are absolute conscious creators - they are walking their talk - can you not just think about what you know, it goes beyond philosophy, but to do it, to live it? Are you trying to gently guide, protect and manage someone else or if you try to control them with invasive and abusive tactics, you will need to look at your home first, at yourself - can you do that? Can you go beyond the kind deeds and nice words, to be the absolute manager of your life, to seek empowerment, responsibility and ownership of your life?

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Victim of Invasive Abuse - A True Conscious Creator Takes Full Responsibility For Self

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Victim of Invasive Abuse - A True Conscious Creator Takes Full Responsibility For Self

This article was published on 2010/03/30