Types Of Bullying And Bullying Activities - The Abuse That Most Victims Encounter

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Although there are two distinct differences between the manner in which girls and boys bully; that is, direct and indirect bullying, the types of bullying and bullying activities mirror each other for both sexes.

Verbal bullying is used by both boy and girl bullies. This type of abuse is meant to humiliate and demean the victims, render them helpless to retaliate, and leave them isolated and filled with self-doubt.

The use of psychological bullying is subtle, achieved over a period of time, and consistent in its method of de-humanizing the victim. Psychological bullying is used mostly by girl bullies. They aim straight for the emotional balance of the individual they are abusing.

Other types of bullying among boys encompass fist fighting, hitting, name-calling, racial slurs, ethnic slurs and sexual connotations. All are used to control the victims and leave them scared, frightened and sometimes bitter.

These types of bullying and bullying activities are just the beginning of the abuse that most victims encounter. Accosting victims in the bathrooms, schoolyards, stairwells and places in the schools that even the administration is unaware of, is common. Cafeterias are perfect for fighting and subjecting victims to embarrassing displays of abuse. Auditoriums are infamous for sexual encounters among both boy and girl bullies.

For all of these types of bullying, there is one common denominator control. The bully feeds off the fear of his or her victims. The bully thinks its cool to humiliate and emotionally devastate the victim. The popularity of the bully then soars, and he gains the respect and admiration of his peers that he so desires. Girl and boy bullies will often be seen in groups, and it is the group that encourages these bullies to continue their reign of terror on victims. It is the group who will never reveal the lengths to which a bully will go to abuse the victim. The group stands as one, and the girl or boy bully is its leader.

Whether the types of bullying are verbal or psychological, the toll it exacts on the victims is inconceivable. Some may have a self-esteem problem, or be new to the country, or be timid and appear weak and these are the types of students bullies will prey on. The effects of this type of abuse leaves the victim in a state of confusion, scared, unable to complete school work, afraid to walk home, frightened to the very core of their being.

In these types of bullying and bullying activities, both girl and boy bullies know exactly what buttons to push, and they push them hard. It is interesting to note that the Department of Education has just announced that they are going to concentrate on lowering the class sizes to the tune of 13.3 million dollars. Unfortunately, unless bullying is dealt with on a national level, class size wont matter because the kids will leave school and find alternative quality education.

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Types Of Bullying And Bullying Activities - The Abuse That Most Victims Encounter

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This article was published on 2010/10/21