Stalker Types And Personalities - What Makes Them Tick?

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Did you know that there are different kinds of stalkers? Most people think they are all the same as they appear obsessive and relentless in their pursuit of a person. But they actually have many different profiles.

1. The Romantic or Rejected Stalker is the most common of them all. This charming character generally becomes obsessed with someone they have been romantically involved with who has decided to end the relationship. They will try to reconcile with this person who has rejected them and when it is clear that it will not work they tend to want revenge, as they may now feel humiliated. They will try intimidation and even violence especially if there has been a history of it in the relationship. If the stalkers ex partner begins a relationship with someone new they can get very nasty and lash out in the direction of the new suitor also. These narcissistic stalkers have next to know social skills and very few friends.

2. The Love or Intimate Stalker believes their victim is their long lost soul mate. In their delusional thinking they are convinced their victim feels the same way. This is called erotomania and is a rare personality disorder. The problem with this stalker is they think they are entitled to their victim's affections because they put so much effort into their own labors of love. They will send cards, letters and gifts and also call their victim constantly. If the person they are in love with rejects them they will see this as encouragement and dismiss it for what it really is. But eventually when they realize their victim has no interest in them they can become threatening and violent. Because this stalker is adamant that his or her feelings of love are for real and reciprocated they will keep stalking their victim until they are stopped. This type of stalker has no regard for the law and will see any court orders against them as something to be ignored. They are cunning, devious and see winning their victims heart as a challenge. This stalker lives in their own delusional mind and refuses to listen to anybody who tries to make them face reality.

3. The Incompetent Stalker is less likely to hurt their victims and probably has a history of serial stalking. Their desire is to have a romantic relationship with their victim and is completely blind to the feelings of the person they are pursuing. This stalker has a huge ego and is convinced that everybody is attracted to them. They are not as persistent as the other stalkers mentioned and can give up the chase if they are threatened with legal action.

4.The Resentful Stalker has a real bee in their bonnet and suffers from paranoia. If any person slights them they seek revenge and often on a large scale. God help you if you cross this kind of stalker because they may not touch you personally but will terrorize your life by making verbal threats, cause damage to your property and steal or harm your pet. They will also bring legal actions against you if they possibly can. Hopefully it will be them facing charges in court instead of you.

5. The Predator Stalker is not a pleasant person and thankfully the least common of all stalkers. They usually get more attention because when they make a move on a victim it can become front-page news. These characters are sexual predators with a desire for gratification and complete control of their victims. This type of stalker is sexually deviant and will make obscene phone calls to their victim while they fantasize about what they will do to them once they are contained. They have low intelligence and are driven by there anti social needs.

6. The Cyberstalker has been added to the list of stalker types since the advent of the Internet. This has become the new playground for stalkers who can wander in and out of chat rooms and forums searching for victims. These stalkers use spyware to access their victim's computer where they can find all the personal information they need to make their victims world a living hell. A Cyberstalker can be any one of the stalker personalities previously mentioned and they can cause just as much havoc.

Knowing what type of stalker you have can be extremely helpful in understanding how they think and are likely to act. A stalker tries to get into the minds of their victims so they can intimidate them at their weakest point. Once they are obsessed with you they will pull out every trick in the book to break your will. Being able to analyze which stalker personality they appear to be can give you the advantage you may need to quickly end their reign of terror

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Stalker Types And Personalities - What Makes Them Tick?

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This article was published on 2010/10/29