Immediate Help For Electric Shock Victim

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Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Although these can be prevented, there are instances on which the victim will feel trapped and can hardly avoid them from occurring. Just like when someone accidentally touched a faulty electrical appliance causing him or her to be electrocuted. If you witness this kind of accident, what will you do? Maybe at first glance, you will be stunned. But remember that someone who suffers from electric shock needs immediate help. So, you must be alert and try to follow these first aid tips to help the electric shock victim.

First, see if the victim is unconscious or unable to move. Never attempt to touch him or her because you might get caught by the current and become a victim yourself. Then, try to locate where the plug of the appliance was. Once you found it, slowly unplug it, but make sure that you are not stepping in any electrified water on the floor. If you're too scared to do it, then get a piece of wood, since it conducts electricity, and try to unplug it. As for the victim, try pulling him or her away from the current by using a piece of clothing or dry rope. Loop it around his or her leg or arm, and then pull him/her away.

Next, after you get the victim free from current, do not move him/her again unless there is immediate danger. Let him/her lie still, especially if you think he/she suffered from spine or neck injuries. And if you notice that he/she is not breathing, try applying mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or begin CPR, that is if you know how to. But if you don't, the least that you can do is to keep the victim company until medical personnel arrives.

Accidents may be unexpected like electric shock. But if you're educated on how to extend immediate help to the victim, you can save his or her life even in a small way. Take note, however, that if the victim suffered from high-voltage current shock, never go near him/her. It's too dangerous, even if you use any type of insulation. A high voltage current can jump as far as seven meters, so better stay as far as possible. The best thing to do is to call 911 for help. There are people trained for emergencies like these, so they are the ones who know better how to handle the victim.

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Immediate Help For Electric Shock Victim

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This article was published on 2010/03/30